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    CTITF compendium of legal instruments
    A Comprehensive Guide on Securing National Borders

    The Compendium brings together the resources of over a dozen UN entities and international organizations whose work encompasses one or more aspects of border security. It was produced by the CTITF Working Group on Border Management Relating to Counter-Terrorism to provide relevant information and guidance to Member States on implementation of the legal, institutional and practical counter-terrorism-related measures required to secure their borders.

    Access over 300 resources covering 9 themes:

    • Mobility and processing of people Integrity and security of document issuing process;
    • Movement of cash and other bearer negotiable instruments;
    • Movement and processing of goods;
    • Movement of small arms, light weapons, ammunition, explosives & CBRN**
    • Maritime security;
    • Aviation security
    • Early warning and alert systems;
    • Control of the open border [under development].

    For more information, please visit: www.un.org/en/terrorism/ctitf.

    Consult the Compendium at:


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