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UNICRI's Magazine F3 - Issue on Migration

Migrant deadlock - The abyss of civilization

Migrant deadlock- The abyss of civilization


Issue of the Magazine Freedom From Fear (F3) on Migration

This new issue of UNICRI’s Magazine Freedom From Fear addresses the complexity of the migration phenomenon in its current dimension. It shows the challenges migration is posing are a touchstone for the principles of civilization, human rights and development.

The issue presents different perspectives and approaches. It highlights that it is not only a matter of who is hosting the migrants. Instead, it is about how our principles, respect for human rights and for people's dignity, the rule of law and development can be translated.

It shows that our interconnected world where persons and goods, capacities and knowledge can circulate to trigger prosperity and dialogue among populations has to address too many challenges and vulnerabilities.

It has been estimated that in 2016, so far 2.800 people have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea while 206.000 risked their lives to reach Europe. These numbers are growing exponentially while the international community is trying to find solutions.

The more migration will be addressed as a security problem only, the more the international community will fail in reaffirming peace, human rights and prosperity for all its global citizens.

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