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AI roundtable Latina America

Artificial Intelligence for Justice and Crime Prevention in Latin America



The roundtable on justice, crime prevention and artificial intelligence in Latin America was organized by C Minds, the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics of UNICRI and the British Embassy in Mexico.

The purpose of the event was to strengthen the links between key international players such as UNICRI and specialists from the United Kingdom, a country with a considerable acumen in the topic, and Latin American experts to advance the conversation of robotics and AI governance in an inclusive way, considering the challenges of the Global South when building international consensus around the topic.

The organizers have hand-picked renowned profiles in their fields, with 40 participants representing a variety of perspectives from government, academia, the private sector and civil society from a wide range of Latin American countries.

The purpose of this event was to strengthen the links among Latin American experts and commence dialogue on best-practices around the topic of crime prevention, justice and artificial intelligence in Latin America. The meeting also enhanced local, regional and international collaboration among the participants and their respective organizations.

During the roundtable, several case studies on AI applications were presented. The applications included:

  •  Visual analytics-based reasoning and sense-making capability for criminal intelligence analysis,
  • A software system that automatically prepares legal opinions based on similar cases for which there are already repeated legal precedents,
  • A real-time hotspot mapping and crime forecasting platform for law enforcement,
  • Data analysis techniques that complement government public policy efforts in the fight against tax evasion.