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PRISM Workshop on Hate Speech and Hate Crime to take place in Barcelona, 18-20 January 2016

A workshop on hate speech and hate crime will be held in Barcelona from 18–20 January 2016. The event is being organized by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), in cooperation with the University of Barcelona. The workshop is addressed to lawyers and law enforcement officers and aims at promoting knowledge on hate speech and hate crime prevention strategies and actions.

The workshop will take place within the framework of PRISM – Preventing, Redressing and Inhibiting hate Speech in new Media – a project funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission. The project consortium, led by the Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale Italiana (ARCI), includes UNICRI, in addition to 9 other partner organizations based in 5 European countries.

The 15 hour-training course will cover a wide range of topics, including an overview of the concepts of racism and anti-discrimination, the legal frameworks for dealing with hate speech and hate crime at the international, EU and Spanish levels, and information on how to investigate and report these issues, with a focus given to victims’ assistance.

The goal of the workshop is to provide law enforcement authorities and legal professionals with innovative tools to identify, investigate and counter hate crime and hate speech. The workshop will also promote victim support and assistance within the criminal and civil justice processes.

The workshop is free of charge, and approximately 30 participants will have the possibility to attend. The working language will be Spanish. The deadline for applications is 11 January 2016.

For more information please download the agenda and the registration form. Please visit UNICRI’s dedicated webpage to find out more about the PRISM Project.