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The Internship Programme of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute


The United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) accepts unpaid interns on an ad hoc basis. The purpose of our Programme is to offer students from diverse academic backgrounds an educational experience through practical work assignments within the international environment of the UN while offering the United Nations the assistance of qualified students specializing in various professional fields.

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1. Applicants to the UNICRI internship programme must, at the time of application, meet one of the following requirements:

  • (a) Be enrolled in, or have completed, a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher); or,
  • (b) Be enrolled in, or have completed, the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum bachelor’s level or equivalent)

2. A person who is the child or sibling of a staff member shall not be eligible to apply for an internship at the United Nations. An applicant who bears to a staff member any other family relationship may be engaged as an intern if he or she shall not be assigned to the same work unit as the staff member nor placed under the direct or indirect supervision of the staff member.

Also, please bear in mind that:

  • United Nations interns are not paid. All costs related to travel, insurance, accommodation and living expenses must be borne by either the interns or their sponsoring institutions;
  • Selected candidates are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and for arranging their travel; 
  • Interns are responsible for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the internship and must show proof of a valid major global medical insurance coverage.

Application procedures for the UNICRI Internship Programme

Applications shall be submitted exclusively through the UN Careers portal ( Applicants must create a profile in the UN online recruitment portal, INSPIRA ( All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply online well before the deadlines stated in the Internship Job Openings. No applications will be accepted after the deadlines. The deadlines for all current applications will be stated on the Careers Portal website and in the Internship Job Openings. 

Online applications will be automatically acknowledged where an e-mail address has been provided. Please note that you will receive two (2) confirmation e-mails:

1. The first e-mail confirms your registration 
2. The second e-mail confirms your application for an internship. This e-mail will be sent after the successful submission of your application.

Languages required

Applicants must be fluent in at least one of the working languages of the United Nations (English and French). Knowledge of other official languages of the United Nations (Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.

Fields of study

Fields of study may include international relations, international law, social and political sciences, psychology, economics, and public administration.


The minimum duration of an internship is two months, which may be extended depending on the office's needs to a maximum period of six months.
The internship programme is on a full-time basis. Interns are expected to work five full days a week in the Unit that has selected them, under the supervision of an experienced staff member. 

Medical insurance and certificate

Interns must provide proof that they have valid health or medical insurance coverage in the countries of UNICRI duty stations during their internships. UNICRI accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of an intern or compensation in the event of death, injury, or illness during an internship. Interns must provide a medical certificate of good health issued by a duly qualified medical practitioner.


The United Nations does not remunerate interns in any way. All costs related to an intern's participation in the programme must be borne by the applicant, who will have to make his/her own arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation, etc. Interns do not receive a salary or emoluments from the United Nations.

Working location and hours;

The work performed by the intern during the internship will be on the premises of the office to which they are assigned or remotely in telecommuting or in a hybrid modality.

Interns carry out their assignments according to the working hours schedule agreed upon by the substantive office.


Interns are responsible for obtaining their visas in their nationality/residence country. Visa matters are handled solely by the local Governments through their representations abroad.

Subsequent employment

The purpose of the Internship Programme is not to lead to further employment with the United Nations but to complement an intern's studies. Therefore, there should be no expectation of employment following an internship.

Interns shall not be eligible to apply for or be appointed to any post in the Professional or higher categories in any organization/office belonging to the United Nations Secretariat, regardless of source of funding or type and length of appointment for a period of six months following the end of their internship.

See more info here: ST/AI/2020/1

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