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Study Visa 

To enter Italy, all non-EU citizens must have a valid passport and Study Visa issued by the competent Italian Diplomatic Authorities in their country of nationality or residence. The Study Visa must be valid for the entire duration of the LL.M.

The LL.M. Office, upon selection and finalization of the payment, will issue an official Acceptance Letter that students may use to schedule an appointment at the local Italian Diplomatic Authority to obtain the study Visa.

Since this is a lengthy procedure, which may take approximately 60 days, we highly recommend non-EU applicants to gain detailed information on their countries' specific study visa requirements as soon they submit the LL.M. application.

Residence Permit

Non-EU citizens entering Italy with a Study Visa must apply for a residence permit ("Permesso di soggiorno") within 8 days of their arrival. Detailed information on the procedure and documents required for the Permesso di Soggiorno will be provided only to selected candidates upon acceptance and support will be provided to students upon their arrival in Turin.

Insurance and Health Care

When applying for a Study Visa before leaving your country, you may be required to provide evidence of your capability to cover all possible expenses related to medical assistance.

Detailed information on the procedure and documents required for the issuance of a health insurance will be provided to selected candidates upon acceptance.

Competent Italian Diplomatic Authorities abroad (Rappresentanze italiane all'estero)

To identify the competent Italian Diplomatic Authority responsible for processing all requests concerning the Study Visa in relation to the LL.M. please refer to the following link: 

Useful Link: MAE About VISA

Useful Link: MIUR – Study Visa