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The main database for the ICVS can be downloaded from this section of the internet site. This part is meant for skilled professionals who are familiar with research methodology and statistics.

The data from the EU ICS is available in public domain at EU ICS is a subset of the ICVS project.

If you are looking for key results on crime and victimisation, go to the statistics section.

Disclaimer: Anything that is published that contains ICVS data is the responsibility of the author of that publication. UNICRI does not take responsibility for errors made in data analysis and presentation or errors as a result of inconsistencies in the database.

On the use of the data

The data from the ICVS is available for further analysis. The full database can be downloaded for this internet site. To publish results of secondary analysis, you are kindly requested to seek written permission from UNICRI (documentation @ We would appreciate it if you would send us a draft of what you intend to publish that contains our data. We would also like to receive a copy of the final publication for our library.

In each publication, please acknowledge the principal researchers of the ICVS by citing the relevant key publication.

We have gone through great length to keep the database consistent and fix any errors that have slipped in as soon as discovered. But considering the size of the database (it contains data from over 100 surveys), it is unavoidable that there are errors and inconsistencies in the database . We advise you to stay critical while analysing the data and notify us if you find anything odd.

Participating countries

The most complete list of countries participating in the ICVS can be downloaded here. The data from the most recent surveys will be available after the 'key-findings' are published.

 > list of participating countries (pdf)


The main database is broken down in several parts, the layout of these datafiles are identical and the same codebook applies for all parts. After downloading, you may want to merge them into one single file, or choose to download the complete datafile in one piece.

The questionnaire has undergone changes over the years. Questions that were not asked are empty in the database.

Note that part of the surveys have been national and part are restricted to a main city in a country. Since urbanisation is a mayor factor in crime, you will have to be careful in selecting and comparing data. Consult the identification variables I001 to I009 and the weighting variables in the database and codebook.

All datafiles are in SPSS data file format (created with version 10) and in portable file format. You prefer to download the SAV file format if you work with SPSS. Download the portable files if you work with other statistical software. Check if your software is able to read the portable file format first. The filesize in compressed and uncompressed format are given between brackets.

download spss data files in zipped format

(Maybe best if you download after our office hours, we are at +1 GMT)

download spss portable files in zipped format


download in pdf

 > codebook


download 2000 Cati questionnaire in pdf

download 2000 Face to Face questionnaire in pdf

download the older questionnaires in pdf