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The Liaison Office is entrusted with the task of maintaining contacts with the Host Country institutions, Diplomatic Corps, civil society and NGOs. It also complements the Regional United Nations Information Centre for Europe’s public-outreach work in Italy on the basis of an agreement with DPI in New York. For these tasks the Host Country has granted UNICRI free premises and increased its general purpose voluntary contribution.

The Liaison Office is therefore engaged in promoting the work and goals of the United Nations in addition to the main liaison duties for the Institute. In this regard, the Liaison Office in Rome organized and/or participated, during the biennium 2006-2007, in a wide range of events and was actively involved in the organization of conferences under the aegis of the Italian Foreign Affairs Ministry in November and December of 2006 and 2007 consequently.

The Rome Liaison Office’s activities included assistance during the visits of the Secretary-General and other senior officials to the region by liasing with local authorities, arranging meetings[1], press briefings and interviews, daily transcription and interpretation services to the public visiting UNICRI with general inquires about the United Nations and UNICRI (journalists, educators and non governmental organizations).

UNICRI Liaison Office produced and maintained its own website in Italian with the latest news from UNICRI, its events, as well as news from the United Nation System, on such global issues as rule of law, justice, fight against terrorism, environment, human development and action against drug trafficking.

The services provided by UNICRI Liaison Office included a reference library where the public has access to a comprehensive collection of United Nations publications, reports and official records as well as United Nations film and video collections (dating back to 1980) that are available on loan to local broadcasters, non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. UNICRI Liaison Office in Rome also held regular briefings for students at its premises and closely collaborated with the Italian UNA (SIOI), participating with its officials in the training courses for young Italian and foreign diplomats.