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Promoting Social Justice and Development

Promoting social justice and development

UNICRI has a long standing record in research, training and technical assistance projects aimed at promoting social justice in the attainment of human development.

During the past four years, UNICRI, at the request of several partners, has strengthened its work in identifying and addressing priority societal challenges posed to sustainable human development and to protection of fundamental rights, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations (prison population, drug users, women, victims of cultural/religious issues).

Included in this area are projects that promote professional knowledge-sharing and patients’ access to services, capacity building to enhance governance of national drug control systems, awareness and information strategies to address challenges posed by cultural/religious diversities.

Through the creation of high-level expert networks and through specialised websites and periodicals, UNICRI has disseminated documentation, ad hoc research studies and has provided specialised training for health and social workers as well as policy makers. Of particular importance is the support provided to Member States in the identification and application of evidence-based practices and tools, to enhance national self reliance and the development of institutional capabilities.